IW Club Milano Liberty

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Charter of IW Club Milano Liberty,D 204, Italy, 26th May 2016

On the 26th┬ May the Charter Ceremony of the Inner Wheel Club of Milano Liberty ÔÇô District 204 ÔÇô was celebrated at ÔÇťCircolo Culturale Alessandro VoltaÔÇŁ in Milan.

It was attended by many authorities including National Council President Lella Bottigelli, National Representative Ebe Martines, District 204 Chairman Lucilla Colombo, Deputy National Representative Gemma Pirondini , Extension Chairman Patrizia Possio Barnato, Past District 204 Chairmen Ada Cova and Gianna Vacirca, District 204 Vice Chairman Anna Carpignano, District 204 Chairman 2016/17 Titti Fusi,┬ Past Vice-District 204 Chairman Giselda Maffioli, District 204 Secretary Grazyna Di Nicastro.┬

Many other members from Inner Wheel Clubs in the territory were present to welcome the new Club.

Aperitif in the garden Enjoying the Garden. Deputy NR  NC President Past D204 Chairman

Smiles in the Garden

Listening to anthems

After an aperitif in the garden, the anthems and IW Song ÔÇťStanding together Inner WheelÔÇŁ were played.

Lella Bottigelli, President of National Council Italy, addressed her welcome speech and complimented the President and members of the new IW Club of Milano Liberty for their enthusiasm.

NC President signing the Charter NR signing the Charter

President Cristina signing the CharterThe  founding member who designed the Club logo

The Charter was signed by the President of National Council Italy, the National Representative Ebe Martines, the District 204 Chairman Lucilla Colombo, the Club President Cristina Milazzo Polinelli and the founding members.┬ The President received her presidential collar from the District 204 Chairman Lucilla Colombo.

The National Representative read the congratulatory message of the International Inner Wheel President, Charlotte De Vos, who was delighted to welcome the new Club in the fellowship of International Inner Wheel and encouraged the new members to look beyond their Club, take an interest in the District, National and International activities and be proud to have joined the world-wide organization of Inner Wheel.

Presidente, Governattice socia, RN, Espansione Segretaria

The President Cristina, honoured to be the first President, expressed her commitment and determination to operate in the spirit of service with the collaboration of all members.

Tiziana who wrote the poem Friendship

A member of the Club, Tiziana, read one of her poems entitled ÔÇťTo my friendÔÇŁ that she dedicated to all IW members and guests. The poem was written on a yellow sheet of paper showing also the beautiful logo of the Club designed by another Club member. who is an architect.

Presidente e Labaro Club

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of gifts and banners.

The Inner Wheel Club of Milano Liberty was the 42nd Club chartered in District 204.┬ The fourteen founding members included ten members with no connection to Rotary and Inner Wheel.