Anna Rita Struzzi

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Inner Wheel D209 and Rotary D2090 United for a service in memory of Anna Rita Struzzi, 27th May 2016

The service promoted by IW District 209 “Unique&United” in favour of the fashion course of Ipsia Comprehensive School in Terni, was in memory of Anna Rita Struzzi, IW District 209 Chairman in 2012/2013, who was tragically killed in a car accident on November 17, 2015. Anna Rita was a fashion entrepreneur, wife of Rotary District 2090 Past Governor, Mario Struzzi. Inner Wheel District 209 and Rotary District 2090 “United” donated the necessary technological equipment for a new fashion work-room. Moreover, IW D209 offered a scholarship of Euros 1.500,00 to be awarded to the best student in the fashion course 2015/2016. Another scholarship of the same amount was allocated by the Inner Wheel Club of Firenze Iris, of which District 209 Chairman Daniela Soderi is a member.
District 209 Chairman’s address
D209 Chairman with IPSIA students Unique&United
group with D209 Chairman Daniela Sodeir, IPSIA teachers and students
The photos show students of the Ipsia School wearing T-shirts on which they painted the logo “Unique&United”. To thank Inner Wheel for the initiative, the Ipsia School had the walls of the new work-room painted yellow and blue.
plaque in memory of Anna Rita Struzzi – A group of IW D209  Authorities and members
A plaque in memory of Anna Rita Struzzi, attached to the wall of the new work-room, was also unveiled.
D209 Chairman Daniela Soderi  the fashion model wearing the dress The Queen of Inner Wheel
The school organized a fashion show at the Garden Hotel in Terni. The last dress presented, designed and sewn by the students, was a yellow and blue evening dress dubbed “The Queen of Inner Wheel”.
The Queen of Inner Wheel
The event was reported in the press and local/regional TV programmes. The International Inner Wheel President Charlotte De Vos’ motto was greatly appreciated in Italy and all over the world because it synthesized in two magic words the very spirit of Inner Wheel.
Anna Rita Struzzi/MESSAGGERO