Projects from India - June 2022 (2)

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Distribution Of Barriers (District 325)

Inner Wheel Club of Deoghar

District Chairman: Poonam Thakur

President: Rashmi Ranjan Jha

Expense: Sponsored By Sribir Tmt

Beneficiary: Many

Date: 17 April 2022

25 barriers were handed over to AIIMS Deoghar which would help patients to keep in a queue and also help the management in handling large numbers of patients in an orderly manner.

Hot Beverages Shop (District 326)

Inner Wheel Club of Durg

District Chairman: Manisha Shrivastava

President: Bhavna Jotwani

Date: 20 April 2022

UDAAN – A tea, coffee and snacks shop for transgenders. The Inner wheel Club of Durg sponsored a tea coffee and snacks shop to be run by transgenders to earn a livelihood and live with pride. The Club provided them with a shop, tea and coffee vending machine, gas stove and snacks.

This very ambitious project would not have been possible without the earnest efforts of our very own member Dr. Sujata Iyer and Club Secretary Nimisha Singh . The various items to be put in the shop were kindly donated by club members. We are very proud of all our members who stood by us always.

Donation Of Auto Rickshaw (District 305)

Inner Wheel Club of Bhuj Flamingo

District Chairman: Rakhi Desai

President: Rachana Shah

Beneficiary: 5 girls and their family

Raising our hands up for women empowerment. Raising our hands up for helping five girls, an auto-rickshaw was donated to empower and provide them an opportunity to be independent. The girls were from the "koli community". This community of girls are not educated, nor permitted to go outside to work. With the help of Kutch Vikas Mahila Sangh, the full cost of the auto rickshaw were paid up. One rickshaw costs 2,500,000/ and a loan was provided to them on 0% interest.

A monthly instalment of 6500/ will be paid by the beneficiary women. The Club paid two instalments for five auto-rickshaws. Life insurance and accident insurance policy were also provided by the club for their safety and security. Pink t-shirts with the Inner wheel logo were given them. The logos of Pink First and Inner wheel with the name of the club and district post holders was printed on the auto rickshaw.

Women’s Health And Empowerment (District 312)

Inner Wheel Club Of Mirzapur Samanvay

President -Rajni gupta

District Chairman- Archana Bajpai

Date: 8 May 2022

In celebrating Mother's Day, the Club tried to help mothers and ladies in different ways. Three projects were carried out:

  • Construction of a public toilet for women, near Ganga Ghat. Public toilets for ladies are a necessity .As holding back the urge to urinate for long periods can cause health issues. Keeping this in mind, our club constructed a public toilet for ladies only. The toilet was inaugurated by our elder and charter member, Mrs Harvinder Kaur. Beneficiary-many
  • Wedding happiness The marriage of a girl is a big problem for financially weak parents. Our club gave almirah, cooler, utensils press, grinder mixer, 15 sarees, purses, blanket, bed sheets, and silver jewellery to a girl on her marriage.
  • Streeshakti Women empowerment means making women socially and financially independent. The Club gave a cycle to a widow having a girl child, to go for her work so that she can save her time and give more time to her home and child. And, two club members gave her some work opportunities doing cooking. Beneficiary-1. Beneficiaries- many

Mangrovethon (District 314)

District Chairman: Sunita Jain

Project Chairman : PDC Dr Sandhya Bhat

Beneficiaries : 500 plus

Attendance 600

Date: 18 April 2022

As part of the Awareness drive to Save Mangroves, MANGROVETHON a marathon organised by Inner Wheel District 314 and the Mangrove Foundation, saw about 450 women united, to support and create awareness about Mangroves. This event was held on 27 March 2022 at Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centre, Airoli.

The Mangrove Foundation is an autonomous body under the Revenue & Forests Department, Government of Maharashtra and was formed in 2015 to protect mangroves and the coastal and marine wealth in Maharastra. The Foundation also undertakes research on the coastal and marine landscape, and promotes sustainable livelihood opportunities for the coastal community. Women of various age groups took part in 3 km, 5 km and 10 km runs enthusiastically. The day began with a very energetic Zumba session by Dr Dechhan Lama, a dentist by profession and also a renowned Zumba instructor. Along with her assistant, she charged the atmosphere in that early morning.

The first flag-off of the 10 km run were by District Chairman Sunita Jain, Virendra Tiwari (Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Executive Director of Mangrove Foundation). The participants were gathered at the starting point. To encourage them, we had artists playing Dhol which charged up the atmosphere. At the resting point, Zumba sessions continued for the 5 km and 3 km participants. For the 5 km flag-off, we had Shri Rajan Vichare, member of parliament (MP), Senior officials from the Forest & Mangrove Department, Bipin Singh (Police Commissioner Navi Mumbai), Abhijeet Bangar (Municipal Commissioner Navi Mumbai), PAP Pushpa and DC Sunita.

For the 3 km run, we had the maximum number of participants and this was flagged off by DC Sunita and officials of Mangrove. The delegates were treated with boxes of high protein food and energy drinks. For the Prize Distribution, activist Amruta Phadnavis who has been aware of Inner Wheel activities appreciated the efforts of Inner Wheel District 314 to create awareness. The Winners were handed trophies and sarees, along with medals and certificates. The event had a media coverage by various news channels and newspapers.

Inauguration Of A Rejuvenated Lake (District 314)

District Chairman: Sunita Jain

Project Chairman: PDC Shubhlaxmi Chhapwale

Beneficiaries - 6000 .

Date: 20 April 2022

The project: a rejuvenated lake, restoration of a well which is three hundred years old, restoration of another well with bigger diameter and pump house with pipeline reaching to each padas. The inauguration was by Association President Saroj Katiyar at Mahuli Village, Shahpur Taluka

Donation Of Vending Machine (District 316)

Inner Wheel Club Of Koppal

District Chairman: Jyothi Lakshman .

President: Neetha Tambralli .

No of Beneficiaries: Lots of students. More than 800 girls.

Date : 22 April 2022

The Inner Wheel Club Koppal donated sanitary napkins with its vending machine for a government PU college girls of Koppal. There were more than 800 girls who were in need of this machine.

Solar Water Heater (District 316)

Inner Wheel Club Of Koppal

District Chairman: Jyothi Lakshman .

President: Neetha Tambralli .

Beneficiaries -50

Date: 20 April 2022

Donated a 250 litre Solar Water Heater and 5 litre cooker to Surabhi Old Age Home.

Mrs. Veena Swamy