Disability need not be an obstacle to success

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 06, 2022 |

Disability need not be an obstacle to success

“Disability cannot stop me from becoming a complete person.” This is a success story of a young mother, Samina, who was an IT specialist. She was facing the challenge of bringing up her special child, her son, to live an independent life.

She felt the pain of other mothers who have less and were unable to keep their special child in good health and provide them the opportunity to live a better life. Samina extended her services to as many children as possible and started a school, especially for mentally challenged children.

The Inner wheel Club of Abbottabad has been a great support for health, education, and other facilities for these children by providing donations from time to time. The club presidents, past and present, and members have visited the school frequently and often spend time with the children.

Imagine the struggle of mothers or parents with special children. Samina has dedicated her life to uplift the lives of others. In acknowledging her services, she was awarded a gold medal from the government for her social activities.

Saba Haider