Projects from India - May 2022 (2)

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Drinking Water Supply (District 303)

District Chairman :Ashwini Gujarathi

President: Sonal Vijayvargiya

The Inner Wheel Club of Gen-Next Nasik and the Rotary Club of Nasik North executed “Mission Har Ghar Paani Campaign” meaning drinking water supply campaign. 100 women received the roller drums which were distributed to 3 villages (padas).

• Dewalacha pada 55 drums

• Pimpal Pada 22 drums

• Kahandol pada 23 drums

It was a wonderful experience visiting Paith gaon and Padas.(village). Inner Wheel always work to spread smiles. Smiling faces of women when they received the roller drums Lunch with all villagers was organised by Club. Clothes and Sarees were donated by Club members. 61 sponsors donated for the noble cause. Beneficiaries: 100 families. Impact of Inner Wheel on society: the women and villagers expressed gratitude, that Inner Wheel aims for happy futures and better life. Project Coordinators: CCCC Dipali Chandak and Executive Trupti Soni.

Pink Campaign, Pink Umbrella Inter-District Joint Project (District 303)

The goal of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India: Spreading the Wings Of Inner Wheel.

President: Sonal Vijayvargia

District Chairman: Ashwini Gujrathi

This is the dream project of District Chairman Ashwini Gujrathi who initiated by the Inner Wheel Club of Gen-next Next, Nasik

2) Total Participating Clubs - 25

3) Total Participating Districts - 03

4) Total Number of Umbrellas Distributed - 60

5) No Of Beneficiaries - 60 Women Hawkers

6) Branding and Promotion of Inner Wheel in 18 cities for noble service

Pink Umbrella A Visionary Project for Inner Wheel Branding*

Number of Clubs participated -

1) IWC of Nagpur Orange City; 2) IWC of Nagpur; 3) IWC of Nagpur East; 4) IWC of Yeola; 5) IWC of Jalgaon New Gen; 6) IWC of Jalgaon East; 7) IWC of Akola North.

8) IWC Akola Queens; 9) IWC Nashik Midtown; 10) IWC of Deolali; 11) IWC of Malegaon; 12) IWC of Shevgaon District; 13) IWC of Durg District; 14) IWC of Chalisgaon; 15) IWC Chalisgaon Milkcity; 16) IWC of Digras; 17) IWC of Umarkhed; 18) IWC of Chopda; 19) IWC of Yavatmal; 20) IWC of Pune Daffodils; 21) IWC of Washim; 22) IWC of Amaravati; 23) IWC of Satana Midtown; 24) IWC of Kalwan; 25) IWC of Gen Next, Nasik.

Pink Umbrellas were provided to all Clubs ,by IWC GEN-NEXT NASIK

IWC GEN-NEXT NASIK was honoured to launch the Pink Campaign officiated by

• PAP & Association CCCC Dr. Rashmi Sharma

• District Chairman Mrs. Ashwini Gujrathi

•District Vice Chairman Mrs. Girisha Thakare

• District Treasurer Mrs. Jayshree Pophale

• PDC Alka Bhavsar

• PDC Perna Bele

• PDC Sangeeta Ghodgaonkar

• PDC Mrs.Vaijayanti Pathak

Donation Of Laptop (District 304)

Inner Wheel Club of Mandsaur Dashpur

District Chairman : Pragya Pareek

President : Pragya Gandhi Doshi

Date: 13 May 2022

No Of Beneficiaries - 1 Family

Inner Wheel Club of Mandsaur Dashpur provided a laptop to a needy student for distance learning course. with the help of laptop, the student will get help in higher education studies, and he will also be able to do part time accounting job with it.

Inner Wheel Branding (District 304)

District Chairman: Pragya Pareek .

President: Pragya Gandhi Doshi

Date: 10 May 2022

It is a matter of pride for India and District 304. This will probably be the first project in the history of Inner Wheel, the flag of Inner Wheel reached the seventh continent of the world.

Smart Class Inauguration (District 318)

Inner Wheel Club Mysore North

District Chairman: Mrs. Pushpa Gururaj

President: Mrs Saranya D Chouta

Date: 30 April 2022

Beneficiaries: many

The Club conducted Smart Class Inauguration Programme at GHPS Bodyguard line Kurubarahalli, Vihara marga, Siddharthanagar Mysore.

The Club gave 2 Onida 40 inches smart TV, and 1 printer Epson L 3250. Students here were from underprivileged background and from Balamandir Orphanage. For these students, the Club is giving standard education through smart class so that they can compete with mainstream children and go to a better position and also improve attendance of the school. Smart class was inaugurated by Chairman Mrs. Pushpa Gururaj.

Water Purifier Donation (District 318)

Inner Wheel Club Mangalore North

District Chairman: Mrs. Pushpa Gururaj

Club President: Mrs. Bharathi Prakash

Beneficiaries: Many

Date: 1 May 2022

The Club donated 80 litres of safe drinking water purifier to University College of Mangalore, science block. This will help the staff, students and public visiting the college to get safe drinking water.

Mega Projects (District 301)

IWC Faridabad Industrial Town

District Chairman : Anita Jain

President : Manju Bansal

Date : 9 May 2022

Venue : Government polytechnic sector 8

No of beneficiaries : 1000

The Club organised a few Mega Projects

Installation of a statue Earth globe with a girl holding a book sitting on a top of it conveying the message “education is the key to empowerment hence make them strong”. DC Anita Jain graced the occasion .

The Club has done its milestone project for Branding of Inner Wheel Club. The Club Renovated a bus stop near Dussehra Ground NIT in Collaboration with MCF Faridabad. This provides shelter to the public and girls of the college nearby. DC Anita Jain inaugurated the bus stop. Beneficiaries-1000

The Club donated 10 bicycles to the girls who have to travel long distances from their homes to college with dependency on public transport. This will help them to be self-reliant and independent. This will save both their time and money. DC Anita Jain graced the occasion. Beneficiaries-10 students.

Mrs. Veena Swamy