D191 (Croatia) conducts training at all levels

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Inner Wheel District 191 (Croatia) conducts training at all levels

At the District Committee meeting in September 2021, it was agreed and decided to implement a plan and start the training at all levels of the District. This is the first time training will be conducted since the formation of the District in 2000.

The last few years saw the need to unite in the way members operate within the district in alignment to the same vision and goals for all clubs, to collate and transfer knowledge, experience and procedures, by introducing it to the members at all levels during the handover.

Acquiring new knowledge and being updated with information, will improve and develop skills which in turn, raise awareness of members. When officers are prepared to fill the posts, they will become capable of competent management at any level, thus achieving proper functioning of clubs and district. The final result is continuity and stability as well as responsible leadership filled with satisfaction and relaxation, leading us to further develop and progress.

By joint commitment of National Representatives, past and present, all training modules available from the IIW website made by Luisa Vinciguerra were translated and adopted to our language as well as updated with new guidelines from the latest Convention. A total of 7 modules were made: History, Membership, IW General Overview, Club Training 1&2, District Training 1&2; covering structure, management and governing system on all IW levels.

They are planned to be used initially in the preparatory phase and as revision of basic rules and knowledge. For that purpose, the training was held online on the digital platform.

According to the plan, the training started at the district level for the members of the District Executive Committee. Before the training date, the modules, District 1&2, were sent to the respective members to familiarise themselves with the contents. On 25 November 2021, on Zoom, all the questions about the structure and duties of the officers were discussed and the district officers were surprised and satisfied with the knowledge at hand.

On 24 February, the online training for club officers was with the 2 modules that contained standard rules for clubs. On 17 March, to the same members, the modules about Membership and IW General Overview were presented and discussed.

Meanwhile, a Law Committee translated the IIW Constitution & Handbook and aligned the District Constitution with the international one. It was sent for consideration to the clubs before being adopted at the annual assembly in June.

The common conclusion is that the training modules help where further explanations are needed, contribute to avoid misunderstandings, and improve and develop skills of the members in general.

However, there are no proposed and offered modules available by IIW for further development of training within the membership. As an international organisation with a rather large membership, maybe we do need international regulation or recommendation or any kind of guidance – in modules or competent advisors.

Snježana Petrović-Tkalčec