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Let’s Make Children Happy

Maribor, 7 January 2022

In the second half of 2021, the work of the Inner Wheel Club Maribor was still heavily impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, neither our usual fieldwork could be executed, nor could we hold any events with physical attendance. We have followed all rules and regulations regarding the prevention of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in all our activities.

We are committed to our values to put the circumstances of children in socially disadvantaged families at the forefront. Therefore, we have decided to focus on a project called “Let’s Make Children Happy”. A lot of attention was dedicated to searching for donations, which turned out successfully.

We continued our commitment into the second half of the IW year. We contacted numerous schools in the Maribor area and subsequently gave donations to fifteen primary schools, for children who need financial support. We paid for school supplies and for the participation in school trips. We donated an adjustable kinaesthetic table to one primary school. Lastly, we donated gift bags for children under the humanitarian organisation “Taja”.

We have had a reading group within our Club for many years now. We will select to read a book together and then discuss it. In the second half of 2021, we read three interesting books: The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg, The Chicken Shepherd by Feri Lainšček, and My Michael by Amos Oz.

As per tradition, we donated baking supplies to the Maternity Home Maribor. This year, however, we also donated items for the decoration of the Home.

For the past several years, our friend and member, Vasiljka, reads books to the residents in the Tezno Elderly Home.

We took part in Radio City’s project “When it’s Christmas, let it be Christmas for all”. President Ana presented the goals of Inner Wheel and the function of the Inner Wheel Club of Maribor, Slovenia to the listeners of Radio City.

At the end of the year, we wished other Inner Wheel Clubs, happy holidays and all the best for the New Year. President Ana prepared a greeting card which we sent to Inner Wheel Clubs in other countries and also to IIW.

Ana Sovič (Club President)