D244 Supports Female Film Directors

Posted by | Apr 06, 2022 |

Inner Wheel District 244 Supports Female Film Directors

On February 27, 2022, The 5th International Female Film Directors Festival Opening Program was held in AAS Hall. The festival was organized by Women Directors Association with the contributions of İzmir public authorities and supervised by Director Gülten Taranç, the daughter of Berrak Taranç who is a member of IWC Atakent. Several years ago D. 244 supported Ms Taranç for filming a movie which had won many prizes internationally.

Film Festival is taking place from February 27 to March 8, 2022 in İzmir with the participating of 28 countries. 46 foreign and 62 local; 98 films meet the audience and compete for Golden Reel at festival. Some parts of the program are arranged as virtual events and interviews.

The theme of festival 2022 is ‘Borders’ and the women are working on removing them.

Festival ended on March 8th with the celebration of International Women’s Day and the awards ceremony.

IW Clubs of District 244 gave support to the festival by suppling bags for the participants. 244 DC Melek Güsar attended the Opening Ceremony and received a plaquette of appreciation. It is a pleasure to support young artists and to encourage them with the spirit of IW.

Gülgün Dolunay