Seven new members join IWC Tirana, Albania

Posted by | Apr 03, 2022 |

Seven new members joining Inner Wheel Club of Tirana in Albania

The Inner Wheel Club of Tirana in Albania was chartered on 15 February 2016. On this very important date in the history of the Club, the members organised a special event and welcomed seven new members for the Inner Wheel Year 2021-2022. During the event, the ladies were introduced by members of the Club and were inducted.

Generally, middle-aged women enjoy many engagements both in the family and at work, making it not easy to actively participate in a Club. However, the new members, most of whom are middle-aged and with a rich curriculum, are enthusiastic, filled with goodwill and desire to contribute to the society by being at the same time equally successful in their professions such as university professors, managers, businesswomen, notary public, etc.

The induction ceremony of the new members following the tradition of the club, receiving the official Inner Wheel badge and a Certificate of Membership, took place in a very warm atmosphere in a dinner with all the members of the Club at the Club’s meeting place, the Hotel Kotoni in Tirana.

The dinner was a great opportunity not only to have quality time among members of the Club to honour the Club's charter but also to get to know the new members better.

The members of the Club expressed their very special thanks to the new friends who willingly and with great pleasure have accepted to be part of the Inner Wheel Club of Tirana and have openly offered their contribution in the service to the community. We hope that the contribution of these new members will be an added value in raising the name of Inner Wheel in Albania in the future.

Evis Vasili - President of Club