D191 Donates Safe Houses Throughout Croatia

Posted by | Mar 31, 2022 |

Inner Wheel District 191 Croatia Donates Safe Houses Throughout Croatia

Support, closeness and compassion are the messages that members of the IW clubs in Croatia wanted to send to the victims of domestic violence, residents of Safe Houses in the country.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, all 13 clubs participated and donated supplies in agreement with the needs presented by each shelter's director, based on their number of women and children.

Some needed to equip the children's playground, some needed garden furniture, some members equipped the kitchen, or bought for them refrigerator, clothes dryer, cosmetic and hygiene products or gift vouchers.

As an introduction and preparation for activities, a documentary film ‟Who fights who loves?“ directed by Danilo Lola Ilić, was shown to all the members. It is a credible, compelling and touching film where victims as well as representatives of various institutions talk from their perspective about violence prevention. For individuals to be more sensitive and aware as members of a healthy society, it is necessary to raise awareness from an early age, through projects in schools and kindergartens advocating zero tolerance of violence.

By way of publishing in all local media, members can stress the need to prevent domestic violence. A conscious and healthy society requires continuous work in the community, and the role of the media is particularly important in developing a culture of non-violence.

The District Executive Committee decided that the funds of this year's joint district action will also be donated to the Safe House Istria to equip its recently renovated premises.

Snježana Petrović-Tkalčec