Sanitary Pads for Women Inmates

Posted by | Mar 30, 2022 |

Donation of Sanitary Pads for Women Inmates of Bentong Prison, Pahang

On 8 March 2022, the Inner Wheel Club of Kuantan / Indera Mahkota contributed eight cartons of sanitary pads to the women inmates of the Bentong Prison in Pahang State. This was done in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2022.

According to Madam Siti Norasidah binti Abdul Rashid, the Prison Director’s Secretary, of the 3,000 inmates in this prison, 350 are women.  Their offences range from drug-related crimes to theft.

Sanitary napkins are usually in very short supply in the prison and these women have often been forced to use one napkin for the whole day or sometimes, even having to cut the pad up to share with others. This information is indeed appalling and very disheartening. The Club members came to the decision that donating sanitary napkins would be a most welcome gesture more than any other kind of donation.

IWC Kuantan / Indera Mahkota has been involved in this project since 2019 and is committed to supplying these extremely essential items to the inmates. Over the course of their interaction with the prison authorities, Club members have come to know of the various challenges that these women inmates face every day. There may be many reasons why these women have been forced into a life of crime, but still, they deserve a chance to live in a more humane way.

In line with the Inner Wheel social theme for 2021-2024, STRONG WOMEN STRONGER WORLD, the Club will strive to continue to do small deeds to empower women and ensure they can live their lives with greater dignity.

Sherifah Nor Hana