Empowerment Projects by District 345

Posted by | Mar 26, 2022 |

Three Inner Wheel empowerment projects from Bangladesh

Beauty Training Course

To mark Inner Wheel Day, the Inner Wheel Club of Green Valley, District 345, took the opportunity to assist five young needy girls by providing them with a "beautification training course" at a beauty parlour located at Narayanganj on 9 January 2022. After taking the training, those girls can help their family by taking a job at any parlour or giving personal home service.

Laptops to help earn an income

Students are being trained at Shenjuti School,Ashulia after school hours.The project’s aim is to help students earn an income. These students will be empowered not only to do jobs but also can be trainers and earn money. On 3 January 2022, two laptops were donated to two students to mark Inner Wheel Day, an initiative taken by the Inner Wheel Club of Dhaka North.

Sewing machines for women to earn an income

On 6 January 2022, the Inner Wheel Club of Agrabad donated five sewing machines each to needy ladies for them to earn an income. By empowering them, their family can lead a smooth life.

Angela Mendes (District Chairman)