Inner Wheel Academy: Certificate Programme

Posted by | Mar 23, 2022 |

Inner Wheel Academy: Certificate Programme on Decision Making & Problem Solving Techniques

District 242 in Turkey formed the Inner Wheel Academy with an aim to to conduct empowering and educational seminars for its members, scholars and disadvantaged segments of the society.

To date, the Academy has organised different training seminars for its members. And now it has programmes for scholars.

Projects for scholars are one of the most important and sustainable projects for District 242, which has been ongoing for years. They are carefully selected from among young university students especially the girls who are in real need, successful, disadvantaged financially and lacking equal opportunities in education.

Not only have we been support the scholars financially, but we also want to help them self-improve. On this subject, for 1 month, every Wednesday, we will present 6 certificate programme seminars at the Inner Wheel Academy

The first training was given by the famous Turkish academician and writer Mrs Elfin Tataroglu on the subject of “Decision Making & Problem Solving Techniques.

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