IWC Trieste D 206 - 40th Anniversary

Posted by | Mar 22, 2022 |


40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE INNER WHEEL CLUB OF TRIESTE On 3 March 2022, the Inner Wheel Club of Trieste celebrated the 40th anniversary of its formation, remembering Fulvia Giuggia Costantinides, who was the founder of the club and International Inner Wheel Board Member 1989-1992.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Executive Committee decided on an artistic service choosing a canvas by G.B. Bison to be renovated and repositioned. A large altarpiece entitled 'The Battle of Leipzig' was placed in the Civic Museum Sartorio in a room dedicated to Fulvia's husband. They have always done their best to enrich the Museum with donations, objects, and art collections.

The painting now joins two other canvases already on-site, representing two moments of the same subject and by the same painter. The Municipality of Trieste took part in the event, represented by Mayor Dipiazza, who thanked the Inner Wheel Club of Trieste for the contribution.

Inner Wheel was represented by National Representative Donatella Nicolich, District 206 Chairman Marina Baldassi. The Presidents of the Inner Wheel Clubs of Ljubljana and Maribor in Slovenia attended together with representatives of the Rotary Club of Trieste.

The curator of the city museums, Mrs Lorenza Resciniti, gave a detailed presentation of the work and the restoration process. Everyone enjoyed a perfectly organised day in memory of a member who, with dedication and commitment, stood with the Inner Wheel Club of Trieste.

Fulvia Billè