Projects from India - March 2022 (1)

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Donation Of Mat Weaving Machine - District 321

Inner Wheel Club of Tiruchirapalli

District Chairman-Cinda Jojy

President - Vadivu Srinivasan

Beneficiaries- 35 ladies

Date: 16 February 2022

Empowerment of Women As per PINK FIRST THEME. The Club donated a mat weaving machine costing 25000/- to the sanitary lady workers of Koothapar village. A seven-day training session was given for the ladies to practise mat weaving. After the training, they started taking turns making these mats and other ladies procured the mats made by them, selling to Inner Wheel members first. Now the sanitary workers are earning a regular income from these mats since members made arrangements for the mats to be taken by many retail outlets.

Bus Shelter- District 320

Inner Wheel Club of Coimbatore North

District Chairman: Dhanya Alamelu

President: Mita Shah

Number of beneficiaries: Many

Date: 20 February 2022

Constructed a bus-shelter at Somaiyampalayam, Coimbatore. It is located in front of the Chavra Matriculation School and will benefit 2000 families around the area. A joint project with the panchayat (village council) and school authorities. The bus shelter was inaugurated by District Chairman Alamelu during her official visit to the Club.

Hostel Premises for Blind Students - District 319

Inner Wheel Club of Maralur

District Chairman : Veena Niranjan

District ISO: Rajani Gowda

Date: 17 February 2022

“Kindness is the language which a blind can see,” very aptly put up by Inner Wheel Club of Maralur. An unforgettable day in the history of the Club. They executed their major project, that is, the inauguration of the hostel premises for blind student of the Samarpana Charitable Trust For Disable Students.

The Club is successful in contributing towards the flooring, electricity, plumbing and wood work for the new premises and are very grateful to their donors and club members for their support and liberal donations. The entire event fell into place so beautifully that it made the day more memorable.

This project has unfolded and ended in such way that it has increased our urge to serve mankind with a strong determination and a pure heart and see how the entire universe comes together to make that happen. District Chairman Veena Niranjan, District Editor Rajani Gowda and many past presidents also joined this inauguration ceremony. It indeed is a noteworthy project which has added another feather into the hat of the Inner Wheel Club of Maralur.

Donation Of Umbrellas And Sewing Machines - District 318

Inner Wheel Club of Shimoga East

District Chairman: Pushpa Gururaj

President: Jayanthi Wali

Date: 18 February 2022

Beneficiaries: 8

Donation of sewing machines and umbrellas in commemoration of World Inner Wheel Day. The Club donated 4 big umbrellas with the Inner-Wheel Logo to the women who sell fruits and vegetables by the roadside. This will protect them from sun and rain. The Club also donated 4 sewing machines to the women to empower them to make a livelihood by stitching clothes. PDC Bharathi Chandrashekar and District Editor Shabari Kadidal were present.

Khwaashish - E-Parwaz (Empowerment Centre) - District 317 and District 350

Joint Inter-District project in Nepal

District chairman: Rathna Behere

Chief Guest: Association President Saroj Katiyar

Date: 3 March 2022

Districts 317 and 350 started an Empowerment Centre in District 317, on International Women’s Day "Pragati", located in Kathmandu, Nepal. They sponsored 25 sewing machines. The District has planned to start online classes for them in handicrafts, knitting, painting as well as the making of papad, pickle and masala to strengthen their hands and make them economically independent.

Click here to watch the video.

Cycle Race- District 316

Inner Wheel Club Of Bidar

District Chairman: Jyothi Laxman

President: Sunaina Guthi

Date: 27 Feburary 2022

Beneficiaries - 35 girls

The Club organised a 5km Cycle Race for Girls of the 8th to 10th class. Chief guest for the programme was Mrs Sandhya D Kishor Babu. Three prizes were given away: 1st prize was a Cycle, 2nd prize 2100 Rs, 3rd Prize 1100Rs. All the participants were given participation certificates under “Spreading the Inner Wheel Wings”.

Mrs. Veena Swamy