Projects from India - February 2022 (5)

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Health and hygiene for girls and women (District 326)

Inner Wheel Club of Jabalpur Midtown

District Chairman: Manisha Shrivastava

President: Meena Dhaiya

Secretary: Rashmi Sen.

Date: 6 February 2022

The Inner Wheel Club of Jabalpur Midtown, in the presence of District Chairman Mrs Manisha Shrivastava, sanitary napkins in a nearby village were distributed to many underprivileged women and school-going girls. These napkins are made with cotton cloth and are reusable.

The Club organised a women's health awareness camp for teenage school girls and women at a government school in the village Amkhera near Adhartaal. The handmade cotton sanitary napkin packets were printed with the Pink First logo. She also explained about cleanliness, sanitary napkins and benefits of using them.

Mobile Van Donation (District 323)

Inner Wheel Club of Adyar

President: Geetha Vishwakumar

District Chairman: Kamala Selvam

Date: 10 Feb 2022

Venue: Geri Care, Adyar,

The Inner Wheel Club of Adyar in Chennai, donated a mobile van to Geri Care, Indra Nagar on 10 February2022, for their Home Care Services to senior citizens. The launch was by District Chairman Mrs Kamala Selvam, in the presence of club president Mrs Geetha Vishwakumar and members of the Club. The van was received br Dr V. Srinivas, Geriatrician. Reported by District Editor Supriya Sundararaman. 

Mega Projects (District 324)

Inner Wheel Club of Siliguri Uttorayon

President: Sweta Agarwal

Secretary: Rita Majumdar

District Chairman: Amita Mundra

Date: 15 February 2022

  • To take a step forward with the motive of serving the underprivileged and support girls for self employment so that they do not become prey of human trafficking, the Club has joined hands with Padmashree Awardee Karimul Hukh (Ambulance Dada) in opening a vocational training centre in Kranti village. The Club have donated 2 sewing machines and materials required for stitching training for young girls of the village. The Club’s motto is to train young minds and help them become financially independent and able to sustain their living. The Club plan to support them in the coming months by providing various other professional training. The event was well covered by social media channels.
  • Gas stove and utensils to needy women to make cutlets and tea in Kranti village to generate income for their family.
  • Donated solar lights to a hospital.
  • The Club has taken a step towards its responsibility of taking care of natural resources : Water the most precious element of life. In the event of deforestation, the natural capacity of the ground to hold the runoff rainwater has diminished. To cope up with the situation, numerous water recharge methods have been deployed based on the geographical need of the place. Construction of the recharge pits is one such method. Groundwater is one natural resource which is being taken for granted. Excavating the recharge pits is a great idea to help in recharging the depleted levels of groundwater. This is one of the Club’s continuous projects which was started last year by making 3 recharge pits. This year, the Club supported in making 2 more recharge pits. This is a small effort towards increasing the groundwater level and conserving our natural resource.
  • Antora, a 13-year-old, is a brilliant child. She is good at studies and has special interest in painting. However, due to long-term intake of steroid medication, she had developed cataract in both her eyes causing her to discontinue her education. Members of the Club came forward to help this unfortunate girl and with their help Antora underwent successful cataract surgery in both eyes at no cost in October 2021. After the sight saving surgery, Antora has regained her eyesight and now she is able to study again. However, due to poverty, it is extremely difficult for her parents to bear the expenses of her education and treatment. Recognising the plight of this poor family, members of the Club have decided to sponsor her academic expenses. Hopefully, Antora will have a brighter future ahead and her health and economic constrains would not prevent her to fulfil all her dreams.

Clock Tower (District 325)

Inner Wheel Club Of Patna

President: Amrita Jha

District Chairman: Poonam Thakur

Venue: Opp Gyan Bhawan Patna

A proud moment for the entire Inner Wheel. Today, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, a clock tower was inaugurated in the heart of the city near Gyan Bhawan Gandhi Maidan by Mayor Seeta Sahu and Ganga Choudhary. A Cancer Awareness Signature Campaign was started that day near the clock tower with the message of detection and prevention of cancer. A helpline number for cancer patients was also launched and issued today near the Clock Tower. Messages about cancer awareness was also printed and put up on the board near the clock tower. District Chairman Poonam Thakur was present online at the time of inauguration.

Non Profit school and rehabilitation centre (District 329)

Inner Wheel Club of Tollugunge Prantik and 19 clubs joined for this project

President: Ashoka Sengupta

District Chairman: Jyoti Mahipal

Date: 10 February 2022

It was extreme happiness for members of the Inner Wheel Club of Tollugunge Prantik to hold the lead project for “Upohar For Reach”, a non-profit school and rehabilitation centre for the specially abled children, on 18 February 2022, along with 19 other participating clubs. The Club donated a sewing machine, two wheelchairs and a lot of learning aids for the children. Members were very happy to see their administrative competence and were overwhelmed by their hospitality. Thanking all the other clubs who joined hands with the lead club in this noble project. Let us all pledge to be with them in their future needs.

Mrs. Veena Swamy