The Inner Wheel Karachi School

Posted by | Feb 27, 2022 |

The Inner Wheel Karachi School, creating opportunities for Women since 1999.

The Inner Wheel Club of Karachi started The Inner Wheel Karachi School in 1999 with the aim of imparting quality education to low income families. After almost 22 years, the School that started off with only 3 children, has now become an institution of learning with almost 400 children and a faculty of almost 40 employees.

Many students have completed High School examinations with distinctions and A grades. Many have furthered and pursued higher studies.

Having one of the priorities of the PINK FIRST theme “opportunities” in mind, the Club launched a vocational training programme in January 2022. The members worked hard to get donations to set up laptops in the school, enabling it to offer courses in Microsoft Basic Office Computer skills, which is much needed today. The pictures show the first batch of 12 High School graduates and 2 school teachers in training from a renowned tech company, Infotech.

Farhana Anjum