IWC Veria - 98th Birthday of Inner Wheel

Posted by | Feb 26, 2022 |

Inner Wheel Veria, Greece celebrated 98th Birthday of Inner Wheel

The members of the Inner Wheel Group of Veria of 247 District I.W. Of Greece, together with the cutting of the new Year’s pie, they also celebrated on the 10th of January, the day of I.I.W. celebration, and following the urging of President I.I.W. Ebe Martines donated a sum of money to the "AGIOS PARTHENIOS" association, which is based in its city of Veria and deals with cancer patients, for their needs.

Having in their heart the motto of the Innerwillian year 2021-2022 of the I.I.W. "PINK FIRST" for a strong world full of health, published in the local press their offer along with their wishes for the New Year 2022.

Yianna Gravia Kalyva