A Service to Health by Dhaka Periwinkle

Posted by | Jan 10, 2022 |

A Service to Health

Inner wheel Club of Dhaka Periwinkle Installed a deep tube well in Village Fattebpur, Thana Kachua of Chandpur District.

That Village is an Arsenic prone area where the villagers didn’t have any opportunity to get any safe drinking water.

The person behind the project.

The person behind the project.

So, Inner wheel Club of Dhaka Periwinkle decided to install a tube well to provide them with Arsenic free fresh drinking water. By this project almost 100 people and near about 20 families of that vicinity were benefitted.

The cost of the project was 27000 taka. Under the supervision of Inner Wheel club of Dhaka Periwinkle local people of Fattebpur Village installed this Tube well. This project not only helped the people of this area to get fresh drinking water, but also it helped to improve their health conditions.

Isa Mariam