Projects from India - December 21 (No. 4)

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To be “Hirkani” – Women of courage (District 306)

Inner Wheel Club of Dhule Crossroad

District Chairman: Sushama Agrawal

President: Bharti Ahirrao

Date: 21 November 2021

The club sponsored the training to stitch nauwar sarees to needy women. Workshops were organised at various villages in Jamner District Jalgaon, Kundane, Vani Aambode. They learnt to stitch five types of Nauwar sarees. The cost of this training is very expensive and most of them cannot afford it. This great opportunity was given to 340 women .

The cost per person to get trained to stitch five types of Nauwar sarees is Rs 4000/-. The Club provided this training along with the necessary materials required, as women couldn’t afford the material cost. Certificates were presented by our District Chairman Sushmaji Agrawal. They also took an oath to train other women without charge.

Wedding trousseau (District 307)

Inner Wheel Club of Amritsar Rising Sun

District Chairman: Mrs Guninder Kaur

President: Mrs Samriti Kapoor

Date: 25 November 2021

The Inner Wheel Club of Amritsar Rising Sun sponsored the wedding trousseau in the marriage of four girls: 4 Lehangas_ one each, 4 Gents suits_ one each, 4 Gents suit lengths_ one each, 8 Sweaters for ladies_ 2 each, 4 Gents sweaters_ one each, 4 Ladies shawals_ one each, 8 Ladies suits heavy emb._ 2 each, 4 Ladies woollen suits with shawals _1 each, 8 Lady formal suits_ 2 each, 8 Bedsheets- 2 each, 8 Bedcovers heavy_ 2 each, 4 Cosmetic kit_ 1each, 20 Sarees_5 each, 8 Ladies pants_2 each with top blouses, 4 Long dress_ one each, 4 Purses_ one each, 4 Pillows_1 each, 4 Towels-1 each, 4 Shoes_ one pair each, 16 Socks pairs Ladies & gents 4 each, Eatables, 4 Single bed sheets_ one pair each, 4 Trunks one each, ELECTRIC APPLIANCES: 4 Pedestal fan_ one each, 4 Electric iron_ one each; 4 jar containers_ 1 each, and 4 Casseroles one each.

Baby Feeding Kiosk (District 315)

Inner Wheel Club of Secunderabad

District Chairman: Sunitha Vallam

Beneficiaries :- Many.

Date: 15-12-2021.

The Inner Wheel Club of Secunderabad did a project for mother and child welfare. A baby feeding kiosk was constructed at the Jubilee bus station. District Chairman Sunitha Vallam inaugurated it. We are thankful to Mr. Suresh, who is the Deputy manager of jubilee bus station and his staff, who were very kind and cooperative throughout the process. The Club is very proud to do this project which will give the mothers a place to feed the child respectfully in privacy. The Club thanks PP Seema, whose untiring work helped in this project.

Cosmetic Surgery (District 326)

Chief Guest: Association President Saroj Katiyar

District chairman Manisha Shrivastava

Date: 1 December 2021

This District project is to help Mrs. Geeta Naidu, a daily wage earner who was burnt in a fire accident and had lost her vision. She lost vision in one eye and her face was totally burnt.

The District sponsored the plastic surgery and eye operation in a renowned hospital in Mumbai. Now she has vision in both eyes and has undergone first stage of plastic surgery. The Club also assisted her with a fully equipped tea stall cart so that she can be independent and earn her livelihood.


Inner Wheel Club of Koramangala

President -Lalitha Devarajan

District Chairman : Veena Niranjan

Date: 27 November 2021

The District Chairman Veena Niranjan of District 319 paid her official visit to The Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Koramangala on 27 November 2021. On this occasion, the Club Secretary announced the Project of the Day: Education enrichment of the Disadvantaged Child and Underprivileged Communities through Theatre. The Academy of Theatre Arts is a program division within Bangalore Little Theatre and is involved in enriching the education of the disadvantaged children and the underprivileged communities through theatre. Over the last 5 years they have developed and successfully tested methodology to enrich education through theatre techniques. Theatre methodology has been tested worldwide and is a powerful tool for: Life skill development, Cultivating multiple intelligences, Promoting creativity and innovation, Bridging the left brain and right brain development, Theatre in education also aims at enhancing the learning process by teaching a curriculum subject such as History, Maths or Science through theatre. Over the last 5 years the team of the Academy has conducted Workshops for over 300 teachers/ educators using theatre techniques from experiential methodology and engaged over 450 students in theatre workshops and classes.

Over the coming years, their aim is to continue engaging with schools, conduct road shows and teacher workshops and student workshops. Towards this project, a sum of Rs. 1,50000 was donated by Mr and Mrs Seth. They are in-laws of Ishita Seth, a Koramangala Club member and currently the District Editor of District 319. Their generous donation was received by Mr. Vijay Sharma, Honorary President of the Academy, a stage actor and story teller. He has worked extensively in the development sector. The Koramangala Club hopes to associate with the Academy of Theatre Arts in a continuous manner in support of their unique and meaningful endeavour to enhance education.

Health and Society Welfare (District 307)

Inner Wheel Club of Palampur

District Chairman: Guninder Kaur

President: Nitika Jamwal

Inner Wheel Club Palampur hosted the District Conference 2021-22.

  • Donated a stretcher to the hospital.
  • Sponsored fee 60,000 to a girl for DNTT.
  • Two sewing machines to the needy ladies.
  • Hosting District conference is itself a big project.
  • Awarded life time achievement award to PDC Chandler Kanwaljeet

Facilitation of Dr. Surjit Kaur, Association President Elect.

Another project organized was a talk by Dr. Garima Thakur

Mrs. Veena Swamy