IW Nahariya gives scholarships to students

Posted by | Nov 28, 2021 |

The Inner Wheel Club of Nahariya is one of the oldest clubs in District 99, and the members are celebrating its 35th birthday this year.

The Club tries to facilitate in the various needs of the community. One of its main projects, a tradition through the years, is awarding scholarships to female students. The special requirement about the scholarship is that the recipients are asked to help high school students who need assistance in their studies. This has resulted in many graduating in high school thanks to the programme.

Thus, by helping college and university students with the scholarship, high school students have also been supported. This has helped to strengthen the Club’s relationship with the community.

In order to finance these projects, a fund was established. Club members would contribute money that has been raised through various events involving the community.

One of the successful events is the second-hand goods bazaar. Relatives and friends would collect stuff that would then be sold at bargain prices. There would also be a great demand at the bazaar for homemade cakes. The bazaar would last for 3 to 5 days. The response of the community is great. They would actually wait for it.

The second-hand bazaar programme is like a “double profit”. Things are sold at an affordable price for needy people and the proceeds of the sales further financed other projects.

The bazaar has become a tradition and it also strengthens the bond with the community.

Ruhama Liscia, PDC,