Training of drug detection dogs in Sweden

Posted by | Nov 23, 2021 |

On a day during the end of October, seven Inner Wheel ladies from Dalecarlia province, travelled in two cars to a town called Rosersberg in the county of Stockholm. We were going to participate in the training of drug detection dogs. It would run for three hours and there is a chance that we might be acting as decoys. Exciting…

Since 1984, we have donated money for drug detection dogs employed by the Swedish Customs. Since then, we have donated 81 dogs. It is a very popular aid project. The dogs are bought untrained and the cost for one dog is about 60,000 to 70.000 SEK. ( 1000 SEK = 100 Euro)

The training of each dog lasts for six months. The dog and its handler live closely together during this time. After the dog and the handler are licensed, they will work together for eight to ten years.

One car from Mora (312 km away) and another from Borlänge (210 km away) journeyed to Rosersberg. We were welcomed by the two trainers, Annika Bergbrant and Anna Hansen, and five pairs of dogs and their handlers who have been undergoing training and will be licensed in early 2022.

In this group of five dogs, two were donated by Inner Wheel Sweden — a little female Labrador named Fanny and a male Labrador called Jack. The dogs were from a breeder in Mora. Of course, the Inner Wheel ladies from Mora appreciated that!

Some of us acted as decoys. Drugs were placed in our clothes and shoes and during the three hours, the dogs had to search and detect which one of us carried drugs. The dogs where very happy and interested during the whole session and displayed astonishing skill.

At the moment, the Customs have 21 working dogs donated by Inner Wheel Sweden. In 2021, these dogs detected and successfully resulted in more than 600 drug seizures which were equivalent to more than 441 million SEK, Swedish value. The seizures included even weapon/weapon parts and ammunition.

An interesting, thrilling and instructive day had come to an end. We all went home cherishing these experiences which were well worth the trip from Dalecarlia to Rosersberg.

Kristina Rabenius, Ewa Jägevall (National Representative)