Inner Wheel Stella Maris volunteers

Posted by | Nov 21, 2021 |

The Inner Wheel Club of Stella Maris in Haifa (Israel), District 99, adopted a project prioritising education for the year in the IIW PINK FIRST theme.

We are working this year with an organisation for young children ages 5 to 8 who are in severe socioeconomic distress. They come daily to the premises directly after school and stay there till the evening hours to study, play, eat etc.

President Mary Zreik and her committee decided to volunteer at this organisation on a weekly basis.

Every Monday, three members of IWC Stella Maris will work with the children according to their needs and interests.

Last week, we donated a library including shelves, tables, chairs and a large amount of books.

President Mary invited a well-known writer of children’s books to the opening ceremony of the library. The children sang and listened to the writer’s stories and had a very enjoyable time.

Another important programme is a long-term project organised by IWC Stella Maris for elderly people ages 65 to 90. We established this project named “THE WARM HOUSE” about 5 years ago. The participants of “THE WARM HOUSE” gather every Monday and Thursday mornings for 2 hours. We conduct various activities such as exercises, talks on subjects of interest, guided trips, enrichment workshops and more.

Mary Zreik

President, IWC Stella Maris

District 99 (Haifa, Israel)