IWC Balaju (Nepal) helps elderly

Posted by | Nov 19, 2021 |

IWC Balaju (Nepal) helps elderly and conservation of the environment

President: Shahansila Manandhar

Project: Visit to old age home "Om briddha ashram" and tree planting at Bhaktapur.

Beneficiaries: 15 residents in the ashram and surrounding neighbourhood.


Planting of different types of medicinal, religious and ornamental plants in the periphery of Om Briddha Ashram like orange, lemon, guava, bayleaf, rudrakshya etc.

Conservation of any plant resources is also very important and we are happy to see the healthy growth of the plants that were planted two years ago here in the Om Briddha Ashram.

Distributed blankets, slippers, biscuits, hair oil, comb, water bottle, face towels, gas stove etc., donated cash NPR.10,000 and sponsored food for 15 residents.

Kamala Shrestha (District Editor)