A Big Thank you from D191 Croatia to IW

Posted by | Nov 19, 2021 |

D191 Croatia thanks Inner Wheel members for helping earthquake victims

It was Christmas time in 2020 when at least four strong and devastating earthquakes hit Croatia. Thousands of people lost their homes.

Right after seeing the shocking scenes on the news, District 191 members began a fundraising campaign for the victims. In response to this disaster and its exceptional situation, a special humanitarian district account was opened for donations.

Members were mobilised to get in contact with affected individuals and institutions in need so as to find out how to help. It was decided that the goal of the District was to provide a mobile home for a family—the wish was for at least one home.

Meanwhile, many letters of support began to arrive with words of sympathy, not only from neighbouring countries, twinning clubs and the district but also worldwide.

At the same time, a flyer made by the National Representatives was sent to their contacts in Inner Wheel clubs all around the world inviting them to make a benevolent donation to the victims through District 191. That’s how all the warm hearts of Inner Wheel showed, something like an avalanche. Within three months, a total amount of 95,000 Euros was received from 123 Inner Wheel clubs.

By the end of January, the first two mobile houses were handed to families for them to own. A recipient’s son received a scholarship and an internship as support to encourage him not to give up his goals.

A central heating stove was purchased from the Centre for Women “Adele” in Sisak.

On Valentine’s Day, the members from all Croatian IW clubs sent hundreds of gifts and gave moral support in greeting cards expressing their best wishes for the people of Banovina. IW members from Germany joined by also giving aid in kind. The fund was just growing and filling up, from the third, fourth until the fifth mobile home, including two prefabricated wooden houses, and all were fully equipped. Overall, seven families received a new home. It has been beyond all our expectations!

Above all, we witnessed and felt the strength of Inner Wheel members as they put into action our goals—friendship, serving and international understanding. The thoughts and concern of Inner Wheel members were with the people who were hit by this catastrophe. We thank you on behalf of all the victims and from every Inner Wheel member in District 191!

Snježana Petrović-Tkalčec