Enabling The Differently Abled in Pakistan

Posted by | Oct 27, 2021 |

“Enabling The Differently Abled” (a story worth sharing)

Nothing can stop you when you are determined to rise and shine. Disability is not inability. Everyone has the right to dream and struggles to fulfill them.

This is the heart-touching story of a polio survivor, head trainer of a knitting unit at Darakhshan (a project of the Association for Special Persons Rawalpindi). She is a woman with determination who not only learned to earn but is also helping fellow women.

The woman is Samina Darvesh, the hardworking, energetic, and passionate head trainer at Darakhshan.

Samina is the second child of her parents. She contracted polio when she was a baby and became paralysed. She was unable to walk without crutches. Her parents have always been very supportive and tried to keep her positive. She was admitted into a school but she had no friends. It was even sadder for her to see other children running and playing around her.

Unfortunately, her parents passed away at a young age. It was the toughest of times as her brother was the youngest and was still schooling. She decided to work to feed her family consisting of a younger sister and a brother.

“Being disabled made you a burden on others for life. Sometimes I felt so helpless looking at my younger siblings who were doing some small jobs and taking care of me, as well. One day I found out about Darakhshan Centre , and the hope of living a better life again lightened. “Samina shared her feelings.

It was at that time that the Darakhshan team met her. They provided her support through their skill development programme. Looking at her determination and will to become self-sustainable, they arranged financial assistance for her technical training, where she learned knitting, machine knitting, and crochet.

Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Rawalpindi met Samina during one of their visits to Darakhshan. IWC Rawalpindi has been helping the Darakhshan centre by providing all the necessary material for knitting, crocheting and stitching. The members will also guide the girls and introduce them to trendy colour schemes. The saw and recognised the spark in Samina and decided to help build her confidence and also of a few other girls.

Samina has proved herself with lots of hard work. She learned knitting techniques and started paid sessions. Now, Samina is a trainer at Darakhshan, teaching more than ten disabled girls at a time and empowering them through skill development by transferring the knowledge and skills she has.

A journey continues in making positive changes.