Breast Cancer Awareness in Bangladesh.

Posted by | Oct 26, 2021 |

Breast Cancer Awareness Programme At Mohakhali Cancer Research Institute And Hospital.

On Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021, an awareness seminar and discussion meeting was held in the auditorium of Mohakhali Cancer Hospital in the capital on 13th October 2021. Pink October is being celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month from 2nd October 2021 till end of October.

This seminar was jointly organised in a befitting manner by the 7 Inner Wheel Clubs of District 328.

In almost every household in the rural Upazila and rural areas of Bangladesh, women are dying of breast cancer without treatment due to lack of awareness. According to a current statistic, every 1 out of 8 women in the world are affected by breast cancer. The seminar was organised with the aim of creating awareness among women at all levels putting emphasis about this life-threatening disease.

Respected National Representative, Nayar Islam, 2021-2022 attended the programme as special guest.

Prof. Dr Kazi Mushtaq Hossain, Director, National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital, was present as the Chief Guest at the discussion. Rotary Club members also attended the event. Dr Raushan Ara Begum, Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology was the keynote speaker who explained the issue related to this disease and suggested the free screening from the hospital (which they are providing).

Sixty cancer patients in the programme were given various ingredients including hospital clothes, powdered milk, max hand sanitiser, masks as gifts.

Speakers at the conference said that breast cancer is mainly due to the lack of awareness by majority of women. To avoid breast cancer we need to create more awareness; we should all make women aware so that strong prevention against breast cancer can be built.

In order to make women aware about breast cancer, more initiatives that are effective need to be taken in meetings and seminars.

The girls have to take steps to give ideas about this from school to college. The main causes of breast cancer should be identified and highlighted among all, and provide ideas about prevention. We all need to raise awareness about this from our families. Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities need to be properly observed. Primary early detection could only slow down the death rate contributed by breast cancer.

Many people have the misconception that “lower class” women are more likely to get breast cancer, but in fact, “upper class” women are now more likely to get breast cancer. The bottom line is that more and more awareness is needed to survive breast cancer and, in this connection, IW Clubs of District 328 have planned a one-month long programme to make people aware.

The seminar was a success and also was widely covered in media including television and print media. This also helped Inner Wheel in branding itself as pioneering in this awareness in Bangladesh.

Parsa Sanjana Lateef