Wildfire Victims Support in Turkey

Posted by | Oct 25, 2021 |

Within the scope of the "Feslegen Village Post-Fire Aid" project initiated by the District 242, the following studies were carried out:

Meetings were held with the Mayor of Bodrum Ahmet Aras and the Mayor of Milas. In order to make the women's labour in the village participate, they were promised to become members of the existing cooperatives. Animal feed aid was provided to the village by the municipality.

Feslegen Village women were trained in to make online sales. Negotiations have been initiated with potential markets where they can sell in the near vicinity. The designer was invited to the village to give training on hand-woven carpet and pillow patterns.

In order to support the production of women, 70 kg of carpet filling thread has been delivered. Also 350 jars have been delivered for to sell home made jam.

170 notebooks and pens and 100 toothbrushes were delivered to the children in the village.

Hatice Kara Sıvacı