An Evening of Friendship in Bulgaria

Posted by | Oct 21, 2021 |

Friendship Meeting of Inner Wheel Clubs of Stara Zagora and Plovdiv, Bulgaria District 248

Only a wish was needed for an Evening of Friendship among the members of two Inner Wheel clubs. The wish came true.

Maja Chausheva from IWC Plovdiv and Maria Zhekova from IWC Stara Zagora wanted to meet up. So they thought that it will be merrier to organise a joint meeting for the two clubs.

The meeting was hosted by IWC Stara Zagora on an autumn evening of the 29th September 2021. It was filled with positive emotions, laughter, exchange of ideas and fruitful discussions.

Both clubs appreciated the traditions built over the years and learned about the causes close to their hearts. It was a truly amazing experience, to spend a few wonderful hours with incredible, like-minded women for whom IW is a way of life; sharing experiences and their desire to help and uplift each other and the communities.

Time passed by imperceptibly in the warm exchanges and before anyone realised, it was time to end. In the spirit of the goals of Inner Wheel: promoting friendship and personal service for the benefit of society, the two clubs took home promises of cooperation in the implementation of joint projects and to move together FORWARD TOWARDS BETTERMENT.

Plamena Nikolova