Days for Girls, supported by IWC Tawa

Posted by | Oct 15, 2021 |

Days for Girls

In November 2020, an opportunity arose for the Inner Wheel Club of Tawa to support the women in a village in Cheboche Village (west of Mt Everest in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal) with “Days for Girls” packs.

The Days for Girls organisation functions worldwide to provide reusable feminine hygiene packs so that girls can attend school when menstruating. IWC Tawa contacted Days for Girls’ New Zealand who suggested that the Club email the Days for Girls enterprise in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Days for Girls in Kathmandu responded quickly, and connected with their friends NIma and Luckhputti Sherpa, who now live in New Zealand. They collected the 24 kits required and took them to the village. A visiting nurse explained to the girls and women how to use the resource. It is important to note that the Inner Wheel ladies were led by the real expressed need of people on the ground.

Days for Girls has been taken up as the NZ294 District Project and ladies are hard at work collecting money for materials and making up packs.

Hannie de Beer