Actions of the IW Club De Lomé, Togo

Posted by | Oct 14, 2021 |

On Saturday 02 October 2021, the IW club Lomé carried out its first action of the mandate against the children of the Togokomé public primary school a few kilometers from Lomé. The donation is made up of a school kit, in particular:

  • A bag with the effigy of IW made with the loincloth of Lomé
  • notebooks
  • pens
  • geometric sets, slates, and other school items.

The preschool children were given play dough and cookies.

The donations were given by the president friend Reine HASSIKPEZI in the presence of the representative of the mayor LACS 3 Mr. AGBODZN Tétévi Wonuané, of Mr. APITI Vidégnon President of the parents of pupils and of the Director general Mr. AGNIDOHO Kokou and friends of the club of Lomé who made the trip.

An envelope of CFAF 75,000 was given to the Director for emptying the school toilets.

The total cost of the action is estimated at 500,000 FCFA.

Armelle Koutandji