International World Peace Day

Posted by | Oct 08, 2021 |

International World Peace Day

September 21st is the International World Peace Day, declared by the UN General Assembly also as a day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace.

The ladies from the Inner Wheel Club of Plovdiv honoured this day in the Central City Park by giving colourful balloons to the children playing carefree in the park and wishing them to live in peace forever! Blue and yellow balloons flew to the sky!

By celebrating the World Peace Day, we, as members of International Inner Wheel, have shown once again our solidarity with the idea of a world without violence and war but a world full of future and friendship!

Our club member Anastasia Toleva read her poem "Refugees", recreating the sorrows and misfortunes of her relatives fleeing the war in our recent past.

And let us, the strong women, be together in a stronger world, where peace, respect, safety and dignity are the norm for all!

Diana Milcheva