IWC Rawalpindi e-flag Exchanges

Posted by | Sep 28, 2021 |

Inner Wheel Club Rawalpindi (District 342) is honored to have such a great response from all over the world by exchanging e-flags with our lovely Inner Wheel Club International Service Organiser (“ISO”) sisters and friends. The e-flags exchanges were in the months of July and August with following clubs of different districts and countries.

1. ISO Suchona Alam IWC Dhaka, District 328, Bangladesh

2. ISO Smita Kamkar IWC Kolhapur Sunrise, District 317, India

3. ISO Ariba Matin IWC Periwinkle Dhaka, District 328, Bangladesh

4. ISO Naju Nazam IWC Anannya, District 345, Bangladesh

5. ISO Pearl Johnston IWC San Leandro, District 517, USA

6. ISO Amel Shaaban IWC Jordan, District 95, Egypt

7. ISO Parsa Sanjana Lateef IWC Dhamondi, District 328, Bangladesh

8. ISO Sapna Mujumdar IWC Indore Uptown, District 304, India

9. ISO Kaniz Fatema Tilti IWC Gulshan, District 328, Bangladesh

Looking forward to having a great bonding and friendship.

Saba Haider