Breath of Life from IWC of Caloocan

Posted by | Sep 26, 2021 |

Breath Of Life

Due to the rising numbers of covid cases, the demand for oxygen has risen, and some lying-in clinics as well as isolation facilities are running out of oxygen tanks and regulators for patients.

In response to the Health Department's request, the joint effort of the Rotary Club of Caloocan and the Inner Wheel Club of Caloocan chose two COVID Isolation Facilities and 4 lying-in clinics in Caloocan.

They were: Bahay Kanlungan in barangay 177, District 1, M. B. Asistio Elementary School in barangay 14, District 2, Bagong Barrio Lying-in Centre at barangay 149, Deparo Lying-in Centre at barangay 168, Bagbaguin Lying-in Centre at barangay 165, and Barangay 174 Lying-in Centre.

10 big oxygen tanks, 6 small oxygen tanks, 8 regulators, and 6 trolleys, were given, in the hope that these supplies will alleviate the burden of these medical facilities.

Edwina B. Angeles