Tree Planting, Seed Growing in Philippines

Posted by | Sep 23, 2021 |

Last July 10, 2021 PINK FIRST TEAM headed by President Teresita C. Reyes with all the officers and IWC Roxas members attended the first project for IWY 2021- 2022 - Tree Planting and Seed Growing at PDC EDEN’S Farm, Kamaal, Quirino, ISABELA, the farm is located along the Highway of the said Barangay.

The IWC Ladies were so enthusiastic in planting trees. Trees are an investment, and all the ladies were so excited to witness the tree mature to its full size that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits throughout its lifetime.

The trees planted are Fire Trees which will grow tall and spread its branches which will be beneficial to all passer- by for them to use as shades and for construction materials for the Barangay folks living in that area. Planting trees as we all know can prevent erosion or can hamper strong typhoons that usually visit the vicinity at least five times a year.

Each trees planted were named after each IWC Members that put a remarkable contribution in Ecology and Environment well- being of our future generation.

PDC Eden Soller and PDC Luzviminda Garcia and most of our Past Presidents supported and planted a tree during the activity - First project of Inner Wheel Club of Roxas, Isabela.

President Teresita C. Reyes