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Cleanliness is next to godliness (District 323)

Name of the club: Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Melody

District :323

District Chairman: Kamala Selvam

President: Janaki Ramkumar

Project Name-Health

Date: 22.08.2021

In order to create awareness to the fishing community living in the Elliots Beach area, IWC Chennai Melody joined hands on Madras Day with Greater Corporation Chennai to paint 2 walls. These walls will face the beach and will be very prominently visible to all. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and a place that is clean will make sure that people living there are healthy and happy.

That is why Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Melody chose to paint these walls, so that it would not just make the space in and around the wall neat and tidy, but the painting that we do itself will bring about awareness and joy to the people.

Project Cost-Rs.30000

Basic needs (District 320)

Inner Wheel Club of Pollachi

District Chairman Sivaramakrishnan

President : Aity John

Project Cost -18000/

Number of Beneficiaries- 250

IWC Pollachi donated diapers and clothes for the infants at Sharanalayam, an orphanage at Pollachi. The orphanage looks after more than 250 orphans, destitute and mentally challenged, children and adults, They have also taken in street children, children of beggars, and children rehabilitated from begging.

A cheque of Rs 13000/- was also donated to the orphanage for their meals.

Eye Camp- District 298

Inner Wheel Club of Chidambaram

District Chairman:

Mrs Thatsayini Pannerselvam.

President: Mrs Vedha Sivaprakasam.

Secretary:Mrs: Selvi Muthukumaran

Health: Eye camp.

Place: Ramakrishna Higher Secondary School, Chidambaram.

IWC Chidambaram conducted an eye camp in partnership with Chidambaram Midtown Rotary, Aravind Eye Hospital and Sri Shanmuha Jewellery.

Aravind Hospital for free operations. Inner Wheel Club of Chidambaram organised food at the venue.

Beneficiaries: 406 persons.

Vegetable cart (District 326)

Inner Wheel Club Jabalpur Midtown

President: Meena Dahiya

District Chairman: Manisha Shrivastav

Description- Four Vegetable carts were distributed to the needy women on 28-8- 2021 under Stree Shakti Self-Employment. This is helping these women earn their livelihood

Signature- District 321

Inner Wheel Club of Tiruchi Malaikottai

District Chairman: Cinda Zacharias Jojy

President : Shubha Karthikeyan

Secretary: Angayarkanni Gopinath

Beneficiaries : 50

Project Description :

On Senior Citizen day, members of IWC Tiruchi Malaikottai trained 50 elderly ladies of Pallakadu Village to sign their name. They were given training for 1 month.

Uplifting the tribes (District 305)

Inner Wheel Club of Jodhpur

District Chairman: Rakhi Desai

Visit to Keru. This small village in Mandore district of Rajasthan is home to a tribe of Kalbeliya Dancers. Kalbeliya is Rajasthan’s folk dance which is a representation of Rajasthan’s exquisite culture and heritage, and is also regarded by UNESCO as a part of its “Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

IWC Jodhpur interacted with local dancers and promised them access to education for their children, advised them on family planning and discussed business opportunities for selling handmade products like jewellery, blankets and much more.

Beneficiary - many

President: Asha Singhavi