Inner Wheel Club of Gulshan

Posted by | Sep 15, 2021 |

Donation of Oxygen Cylinders, BiPAP & CPAP Machines to DNCC Hospital and Shahzadpur Health Centre.

The COVID-19 crisis in Bangladesh is part of the pandemic during 2020-21. The second wave of COVID-19 hit Bangladesh severely from April 2021. The infrastructure of public health service was heavily affected and fell short of managing the essential services to face the compounded challenges. All public hospitals were in short supply of ventilators, oxygen cylinders and other life-saving equipment.

The Inner Wheel Club of Gulshan, District 328, tried to extend cooperation to the health sector to help them combat this situation in the following ways:

  • Donation of 2 (two) BiPAP and 2 (two) CPAP machines to DNCC (Dhaka North City Corporation) Hospital, which is a newly-set COVID-dedicated 1000-bed medical facility. The project cost was Tk350,000 (approximately USD4,100). These machines will directly benefit many COVID-affected critical patients with enhanced supply of sufficient oxygen. It was a great privilege of IWC of Gulshan to handover these machines to City Mayor Mr. Atiqul Islam.

    • Donation of 4 (four) oxygen cylinders to Shahzadpur Health Centre. These cylinders will be delivered to in-home coronavirus patients on emergency calls. These are allotted on a need-to-use basis and on a Return-After-Use scheme. The patients or affected households would return the cylinders to the health centre after their emergency service. These will be refilled with fresh oxygen for the next user. The project cost was Tk70,000 (approximately USD825).

    Lekha Ghosh