District 383 Induction with Ebe Martines

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District 383 inducts new district and club officers

August 21, 2021.
Witnessed by some 140 guests from various parts of the Philippines and the world, IW District 383 formally conducted its 9th District Induction and 8th Turnover Ceremonies, in an impressive blend of pre-recorded speeches and spiels, dramatic visuals and techniques, and live greetings, aired on Zoom and Facebook.

The 2021-22 IW theme of “Pink First” and the 3-year Social Project theme “Strong Women, Stronger World” were expertly woven with the District’s own unifying line “I am a Woman” to underscore the myriad active roles and opportunities that women play to help improve the lives of other women.

The ceremonies flowed smoothly as though it were a live event, from the parade and Introduction of past officers of the District, and onto the prescribed Induction, Affirmation and Turnover sequences of the District Chairman, District Officers, Club Presidents, District Committee Chairmen, and the Officers of the Council of Past District Chairmen. An initial 17 new Inner Wheel members, mostly young professional women, also took their Oath of Membership during the event.

While the District officers had excitedly planned and prepared for many weeks towards a memorable event for its members, most were not prepared for the actual presence of top IIW officials—President Ebe Panitteri Martines, Vice-President Zenaida Yungco Farcon, and Editor/MM Yeok San Cheng—in their midst in the same Zoom Room.

Yet, once the local members recognised them among attendees on Zoom, warm welcoming and grateful chat messages poured in for the special guests and IW members from Italy, Singapore, Canada, Australia and Pakistan. Turns out that District 383’s Induction teaser video was posted in the IIW Facebook page early on the same day as an open invitation for fellow Inner Wheel members worldwide to witness the annual District activity.

The presence of the IIW and IWCPI dignitaries at District 383’s 9th Induction Ceremonies definitely boosted excitement and inspiration in the district where pure friendship, camaraderie and selfless service always go hand-in-hand.

Top Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. (IWCPI) officers and dignitaries, led by National President Yolanda Wycoco and the District Chairman of the eight (8) other Inner Wheel Districts in the Philippines, provided the encouragement and inspiration for the District to pursue its higher goals of service to more women in the marginalized sectors of Philippine society.

Before passing on the leadership baton on, Immediate Past District Chairman Socorro G. Reaño (IWY 2020-21) underscored the unusual challenges of her term amid the country’s Covid-19 lockdown since mid-March of 2020 that led to new opportunities for innovation and levels of creativity in the members.

District Chairman Jovita M. de Jesus (IWC 2021-22) in turn enjoined the district members to work together, deeply instilling the values of commitment and teamwork, to collectively serve those who are most in need.

IIW President Ebe Panitteri Martines fired the enthusiasm of members with her orientation of “women helping women” for gender equality and promotion of the women’s rights through the four priorities areas of Health, Education, Opportunity, and Empowerment.

IWCPI National President Yolanda Wycoco commended DC Jovita M de Jesus for courageously taking the District’s helm in one of the most challenging periods of modern history. “Yet, District 383 will soar high, stronger, with support of family and formidable officers and members.”

IW District 383, is among the 9 districts under the jurisdiction of the national organization, Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc., which in is a charter member of IIW.

Vikky Bondoc Cabrera, District Editor