Bangalore South West's Recent Projects

Posted by | Jul 30, 2021 |

IWC Bangalore South West comes in aid of the NICU ward at Rangadorae Memorial

The Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South West, District 319, celebrated the Installation of their President and Executive Committee by organising a few mega projects. District Chairman Veena Niranjan graced the events. The Club is DC Veena’s home club.

The club sponsored a Biomed Blender worth 100,800 rupees to the NICU ward of Rangadorae Memorial Hospital in association with Bangalore Kidney Foundation.

A contribution of ₹123,000 was also made towards a F&P 850 Humidifier for the NICU ward. This machine addresses the respiratory issues in newborn babies. It is indeed a boon in these COVID times.

Rs 60,000 was donated for COVID Dialysis. It includes staff wages, PPE kits, and single-use protocol due to the safety requirements of handling COVID cases.

The total cost of the above projects was Rs. 283800.

IWC Bangalore South West Helps young girls in education.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South West sponsored college fees of 11,000 Rupees for a student persuing her first year BA BEd in NMKRV college.

Rs 4,000 was used to sponsor a girl studying in first year B. Com. at Bharathmata College to buy a mobile phone to attend online classes.

Apart from this the club contributed Rs 25,000 for the education of a young girl who is studying in 10th Standard at LNR school.

The total contribution for this focus area was Rs 40,000.

Mrs Veena Swamy