Inner Wheel District 191 Croatia

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Date: 21st July 2021

CASE: IIW Covid fund donation

Dear all,

At the annual IW District 191 meeting held on 25th of June and unfortunately online, one of the topics on the agenda was the IIW COVID-19 fund. IIW Immediate Past President Bina Vyas in her last monthly letter asked clubs and districts to donate any remaining unused budget to the International COVID-19 Fund.

After the devastating earthquake in Croatia in late December 2020, the district had received a generous financial aid from our worldwide Inner Wheel organisations which we are very grateful for.

With the donated funds we have provided a place to live for 7 families, and we managed to close our district action with funds collected from all of our clubs.

Executive Board of IW District 191 decided that the remaining funds amounting to HRK 4.500 / EUR 600 shall be paid into the International COVID-19 Fund.

We hereby thank the Inner Wheel clubs for helping our country when it was most needed and would like to place in return our donation to the International COVID-19 Fund through which we believe we can help in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

In Inner Wheel friendship, stay safe, healthy and Pink

National Representative:

Snježana Petrović Tkalčec