A Restoration for The City

Posted by | Jul 14, 2021 |

There are many charming locations with evidence of a rich past. By taking care of them, history is preserved so that future generations can be acquainted with it.

Based on this reasoning, in the year I.W. 2020-2021, the Inner Wheel Club of Cuorgnè e Canavese decided to contribute to restoring some historical arts in its vicinity.

A caution sign painted on a wall, most likely dated 1864, was discovered in a location which was an open-air marketplace. It has the words (translated) “Forbidden both to card and strike wool or any other stuff under the arcades as well as in the square”. The painted notice was faded and it badly needed to be fixed, together with the whole wall behind it. The Club carried out the restoration.

The Town Council had decided to refurbish the place so that all residents can enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

On June 27th 2021, the Mayor of Rivarolo and some members of the Town Council attended the ceremony celebrating the refurbishment. The Club was proudly represented by the Inner Wheel President of Italy’s National Governing Body, Angela Farina and the National Representative, CinziaTomatis.

A perfect afternoon, connecting friendship with local history and art restoration.

Lucia Brossa – Club Editor