D345 club sets up a breast-feeding room

Posted by | Jun 02, 2021 |

The Green Hills Chittagong Club established a breast-feeding room at CCC Memon Maternity Hospital in Chattogram. Due to lack of privacy women usually have difficulty breast feeding their infants in a public place. Since this problem exists, Club members decided to set up a breast-feeding corner at this hospital. A room has been decorated with chairs, washing corner, baby cot & other necessary items for the well-being of a new mother. Here mothers with their babies can feed their children privately, comfortably and safely.

This room can be a stepping stone, paving a path to teaching mothers about proper living and healthcare for their children. D345 Chairman virtually inaugurated the room. NR & other dignitaries were present to cheer them.

Club President Kamrun Nahar, secretary Zareen Nizam Sheikh along with EC members were present on the venue. Members are proud & happy to work for branding of Inner Wheel as well.

Sharmin Hossain, National Representative.