Meeting of IW Clubs of Helsinki and Espoo

Posted by | May 19, 2021 |

IWC Tapiola, IWC Helsinki Eira-Kluuvi and IWC Espoo (D142, Finland) gathered for an Intercity Meeting through video conferencing service on 13th of April, 2021. The speaker of the evening was Mr. Jaakko Selin, who is known as a famous journalist specializing in fashion and travelling, gave his speech to 33 online participants.

Jaakko Selin’s professional life and experiences in television and in the popular TV series ’Jaakko and the World Conquerors’ were shared. In more than 70 episodes Jaakko Selin visited Finns working abroad, presenting their homes, works and local food cultures during the program. As a well-known fashion commentator he has designed own clothing collection as well. Fine dressing tips were shared in the programme.

As part of the gathering the lucky lottery winners received the great prizes donated by Jaakko Selin.

Hannele Karhunen and Tarja Laurila