Earth Day 2021- Restore The Earth

Posted by | May 14, 2021 |

Five Days of Earth Day Celebration

22 April is celebrated as EARTH DAY all over the world. The theme of the Earth Day 2021 is ‘RESTORE THE EARTH’. We believe that to restore the earth, we should first know the Earth, feel the Earth , blend with the Earth, enjoy connecting with the Earth and take actions to save the Earth. Members of Inner Wheel Club of Singapore celebrated Earth Day for five days from 19 April to 23 April with a special activity each day.

Day One : The celebration kicked off on 19 April with a small quiz about the origin and the history of the Earth Day and Singapore Green Plan 2030 . Members enthusiastically participated in the Quiz to win the Prize for the First Best. Congratulations to PP Akila Iyengar for being the winner of the quiz.

Through this simple quiz, we refreshed our information about what is happening around the world to restore the Earth.

Day Two: Tuesday 20 April was allotted for a morning walk at the Botanic Gardens, the first UNESCO Heritage Site in Singapore. Many of us walked through the lush green walking trails of the Gardens at different times of the morning, some alone and some in small groups. Botanic Gardens is the best place to get immersed in nature.

Day Three: GO GREEN was the theme on the third day, 21 April. Ladies clicked their own pictures dressed in green with a green background. We had our monthly General Meeting on the same day and the dress code was also GREEN. We blended with the nature.

Day Four: 22 April was to appreciate the food we obtain from the mother Earth; the EARTH DAY LUNCH sponsored by President Sita Verma. We met in small groups of 8 keeping social distancing and following all the measures of safety against Covid-19. The talk of the table was ‘Up-cycling of Food’. Everyone returned home with a hand-made gift of floral coasters.

Day Five: 23 April was meant for the reflection on the Earth Day. Members expressed their appreciation creatively in various ways like a creative photo, a short poem, special flower arrangement etc.

Earth Day Celebration was a simple celebration to appreciate the Earth and remind ourselves to RESTORE THE EARTH in our own small ways.

Sita Verma