Inner Wheel Day 2021 Projects In India

Posted by | Jan 22, 2021 |

The Clubs in Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India took great efforts to do projects on 10th January 2021, we are highlighting the best projects undertaken.

Inner Wheel Club of Karnal, District 308

The club members donated blankets to 75 lepers and specially abled residents to protect them from the harsh weather and also distributed 3 tricycles to specially abled people. Total amount spent 1300 pounds.

The members also have installed 5 solar panels at Lepers Home, Karnal. Around 350 residents of the colony were afraid of dark due to the increasing crime rate but now the colony is well lit. Total cost of the project is 800 pounds, which includes bulbs, wiring, batteries and Solar panels which will power total 15 Lights, 4 Fans and 1 Loudspeaker inside the temple.

Inner Wheel club of Jaraka

Inner Wheel District - 326

Project - Awareness program on Covid 19, environment, etc.

Description- Awareness program on present burning situation like Covid 19, environmental protection, water conservation, planting of trees etc was done by preparing hoardings and displaying the same on the road sides, important public places.

Inner Wheel District 319

On the occasion of International Inner Wheel Day celebration, Clubs, District 319 have donated 40 educational tabs loaded with syllabus to the students of Ketamaranahalli Government School. 27 Clubs jointly contributed the amount of 1500 pounds.

This project was telecasted on the Karnataka state news channel Public TV.

Inner Wheel Club of Lucknow District 312

To celebrate Inner Wheel day and to promote Youth IWC of Lucknow organised a cricket tournament as Inner Wheel Club Series.

Four teams will play 7 matches in this tournament.

This cricket tournament provides platform to children from downtrodden society to showcase their talents and to encourage and promote them to improve their skills.

Inner Wheel Club of Guna, District 305

All members of the club adopted one child each from the local orphanage. Total 32 children were adopted, 31 by the Club members and 1 by the Club.

Inner Wheel District 314

On 10th January 2021 Inner Wheel Day was celebrated by Zone 3 Clubs Of District 314 in its true spirit.

Zone 3 Clubs of District 314, namely IWC of Dahanu, Palghar, Mumbai Dahisar, Borivli, Bombay Kandivali, Bombay North West, Bombay Film City, Bombay North End and New Gen Millennial Club - donated 7 Sewing Machines to transgenders for their livelihood. It was indeed very satisfying to see a big smile on their faces.

Vicky Shinde, a human right activist, founder of Shiv Shakti Foundation, a transgender expressed her views of making her community members financially independent.

District Chairman Amala Mehta, Zonal Coordinator Meena Kaku, Presidents of Zone 3 and few members of different clubs attended this unique project.

District 314, Zone 3 provides HOPE to the deprived section of the society on International Inner Wheel Day.

Inner Wheel Club of Shimoga East, District 318

Contributed towards Education, by distributing 20 tabs for all 40 students of 10 standard Abbalagere government high schools, in the presence of our District Chairman Mrs. Varija Jagadeesh.

Tablets are pre-loaded with the syllabus. It has been designed in that way, syllabus can be upgraded and use for 3years. Except the syllabus nothing can be viewed.

Inner Wheel Club of Umbergaon, District 306

The Club on occasion of 97th Inner Wheel Day we gifted grocery kits of 40 kg rice , 35 kg lentils, chocolates & 30 towels to the families of the 30 workers of Umbergaon Over bridge construction. It was really a gratifying moment to be the witness of their happiness & satisfying smiles.

Inner Wheel District 311

We started the first phase of our e-health project – Inner Wheel Impact Golden League in 2020. We partnered with a young and energetic team of 'Impact App', whose innovative idea helps raise funds for charity simply by walking. The steps taken by 2,600 people from District 311, who walked for a period of 3 months, were sponsored by the corporate sector generating a sum total of 77,164 pounds. We received an overwhelming response from everyone as the league also inspired good habits and helped in improving the health of people stuck at their homes during the lockdown.

We feel proud that our efforts helped the people in need especially during such trying times. And so, to continue our act of generosity we started the phase 2 of our e-health project - Inner Wheel Impact Winter League 2021 on International Inner Wheel Day, 10th January.

Inner Wheel club of Ramnaagar, District 311

Renovated a school located in Forest area. This school had no boundary walls or electricity or rest room. The Club took responsibility & renovated the School constructing wall, Rest room & installed Solar panels For Electricity.

Inner Wheel Club of Hardoi DOD

Conducted a free colposcopy camp to detect early stage of Cervical Cancer. Nearly 100 women benefited from this project.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat - National Editor