Santa In Form Of Inner Wheel Members

Posted by | Jan 12, 2021 |

Inner Wheel Club of Umarkhed, District 303

The Members visited an Orphanage with the Groceries, utility items, Clothes, Snacks. Spend time with the Children by playing games.

Inner Wheel Club of Cuddalore Silver Beach,District 298

Due to a Cyclone attack, more than 150 families lost their homes. The Inner Wheel members took care and provided provisions in form of clothes & groceries for the 150 families.

Inner Wheel Club of Kolkatta Greens, District 329

The members distributed Christmas Goodies to 60 underprivileged children who attend a non formal School Run by the Cathedral Relief Service.

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Old City, District 329

The members distributed full meal to 30 underprivileged children with Santa Caps. This is the Ongoing Project of the Club since year 2000.

Inner Wheel Club of Khurja, District 310

The Club took responsibility of a girl who was to get married by sponsoring all her wedding gifts & Bridal Trousseau.

Inner Wheel Club of Sambhal City, District 310

The members distributed solar lamps, woollen caps, socks, gloves, food items and stationery distribution to the girls of Shri Manorama Inter college, Pawasa (District Sambhal).

These girls were from a very poor background and were forced to study in candle light because of the poor supply of electricity in their town. Their parents were also unable to provide them study material.

Inner Wheel club of Coimbatore South District 320

They conducted three projects in Chamrajnagar, Karnataka and met with the Inner Wheel Club of Chamrajnagar District 318

  • Installed two Water Dispenser (one at labour ward Government Hospital Charmrajnagar and one in Paediatric & children's ward). More than 50 patients and their care takers from each ward will be using the water dispensers can fetch hot and cold water.
  • Both club ISOs exchanged respective club flags.
  • Later both club members had friendly Lunch meetings. IWC Coimbatore South gifted ornamental flowering plants to the members of IWC Chamrajnagar.

Inner Wheel Club of Hiranandani Estate, District 314

The Club celebrated Christmas with the Children of a Mobile Creche.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat - National Editor