Backyard To Kitchen Lifestyle Project

Posted by | Dec 15, 2020 |

After leading the IWCUD Backyard To Kitchen (BTK) Lifestyle Project, which also supports IWC District 379’s sustainable project, “Botika Sa Bakuran”, ESO Mervic has grown her produce into a small and sustainable entrepreneurial business while advocating healthy living in the community. This is seen in the KETO Diet approved products from her backyard’s produce.

A purchase of a bottle will benefit the IWCUD Project Áro (Love) that helps support LIGHTED LAMPS - a centre or home for the stray and abandoned elderly of Pangasinan. The IWCUD BTK Lifestyle Project, in a sense, is a project that partly supports another project - the IWCUD Project Áro - this IWC Season 2020-2021.

The initial goal was to develop organic backyard farming for self-sufficiency, community sharing, and healthy living during the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as an aim to feed vegetables to one’s young son, turned into a journey of a small, sustainable entrepreneurial business while advocating healthy living and supporting the most vulnerable of society. From a simple act of planting green, grew to something healthy and lean, and life that survives beyond COVID-19.

Candy Gonzales-Blancaflor