Read a book to help the school library

Posted by | Dec 11, 2020 |

The good news is here. Thanks to the reading children IW Club Stara Zagora donated new books of various genres and authors worth BGN 1,200 to the library at the Fifth Primary school “Mityo Stanev”in Stara Zagora. The donation is a result of a fulfilled cause under the National project “Donate through reading”started by IW Club Shumen through the site . The renewal of the library fund encourages each student to search and find books according to their interest. It gives the opportunity to organize literary readings and meetings with favourite artists.

Gratitude to the reading children who gave part of their goodness. They helped the school library to become more attractive to those who love reading.

1200 credits were donated for the cause and 850 of them came from the students in “Mityo Stanev”school while the other 350 credits were donated by children from different towns such as Burgas, Shumen, Sofia, Pchelnik and other schools in Stara Zagora.

This is the fourteenth cause realized by the project “Donate through reading”, started in 2016. Three more forthcoming active causes are on the web site. Two of them: “To understand faster, to go further, to know more” and “Reading is a pleasure- let’s read and play”were initiated by IW Club Stara Zagora and one by IW Club Burgas under the theme: Donate an interactive platform for teaching children with special educational needs.

The students are going to decide which will be the next fulfilled cause.

Zhivka Stoyanova