Free eye tests for preschool children

Posted by | Dec 09, 2020 |

The ladies from IW Club Kavarna create good deeds and donate from the heart. Charity is a magic for them. It inspires them, gives them positive energy and new ideas and help them make steps forward. Inspired by the words of Dr. Alexander Oscar- an ophthalmologist and doctor of 2020 and his call “Every child in a preschool age should be examined by an ophthalmologist”. The ladies from IWC Kavarna finished the first stage of their project “Free eye examinations for preschool children”

During 10 days seventy three children from the preschool groups in three kinder-gardens passed eye examinations by Dr. Panayotova- an ophthalmologist and Dr. Rositsa Stoyanova - a paediatrician who is also the Vice president of IWC Kavarna. The President of the club Kalinka Bankova and the other ladies made perfect organization following all precautionary measures so that the children accepted the examinations with interest and enthusiasm.

Only four children had some problems and one of them needs glasses which will be made for free from Dr. Keranova - an owner of Optics.

This was not the only good deed of the club. The ladies donated UV lamps for air disinfection to the three kinder-gardens. These lamps are very useful for the pandemic situation. The charity act was in unison with the motto “Goodness is the master of human hearts”.

Kalinka Bankova