Charter Celebration of Verona Bee Lab

Posted by | Dec 01, 2020 |

The Charter has been delivered to the new Inner Wheel Club Verona Bee Lab, a new laboratory of industrious bees serving the territory.

The Ceremony for the Delivery of the Charter of the new Inner Wheel Club Verona Bee Lab - District 206 took place on Saturday 17 October 2020 in the hall of the Biblioteca Capitolare of Verona.

An event that marks the official recognition of the new Inner Wheel Club Verona Bee Lab at national and international level.

In the presence of the 206 District Chairman Cristina Scandelli, the National President Angela Farina, the National Representative Cinzia Tomatis, the 12 members received the pin, all women engaged in work, entrepreneurs, freelancers but also mothers and wives together with the iconic and overwhelming Founder of the Club, Luisa Albrigo Benedetti.

Among the Rotarian authorities were present the Governor-elect Mr Raffaele Caltabiano, the President of the Rotary Club Verona Scaligero Mr Nicola Picotti, the President of Rotary Verona International Mr Ugo Tutone, to whom our thanks go for having collaborated in the creation of the facebook live video.

Representing the local authorities, the Councilor for Culture and Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Verona, Dr. Francesca Briani.

Also present in the room the director of the Miur Dr. Laura Donà, whom we thank for the nice words on a subject very dear to us such as school.

To do the honors the new President of the newborn Inner Wheel Club Verona Bee Lab, Maria Cristina Andreoni, who told the guests the aims of the Club starting with the claim "Lead the Change" to make a difference.

Making a difference for someone starting right from the territory is also linked to the choice of the prestigious Biblioteca Capitolare of Verona to celebrate the foundation of the Club.

Known as the oldest and still functioning library in the world, it preserves precious manuscripts dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. An immense value resulting from the patient and rigorous work of the scribes and miniaturist monks of the time. Today we are able to admire these precious masterpieces also thanks to the contribution of one of our Bees Caterina Lorenzetti, one of the first people to promote and prepare the opening to the public of the Biblioteca Capitolare, until then reserved for religious only.

For our Club, the commitment will be precisely this, being able to offer value to the territory and especially to the people who live it through the "Service". It matters little whether we act in a global context or in a local community, every action is like a drop of rain in a land that at some point brings nourishment and refreshment.

The important thing is to work together in Friendship, not only between members but between all Inner Wheel and Rotary Clubs because the more we are, the more we will truly be able to make a difference!

Precisely for this reason we would have liked to share this salient moment with the friends of the other Clubs, however, in respect of the delicate moment we are going through, we have resorted to technology and the precious help of our Rotarian host Ugo Tutone to involve via social all the friends and friends close to us.

To seal the ceremony the magnificent visit of the treasures of the Bibliteca Capitolare that literally left the guests breathless.

The day ended with a dinner at the historic Caffè Dante in the historic square dedicated to the supreme poet, a symbol of the classicism of the Veronese town. Here we concluded the ceremony with a light dinner with the authorities and all the members, with a toast ending with the traditional cutting of the cake. A peculiar cake the one chosen by the members, the exquisite and regal "Torta delle rose" which embodies the flower symbol of the Inner Wheel Club, a wish to bring splendor and beauty to the work of all the Clubs, as the founding member Luisa Albrigo tells us Benedetti.

Just as the hardworking Bees bring together their talents and skills at the service of the group, the Bees of the new Club have combined their skills and professionalism to commit themselves to promoting the well-being of our territory in support of education, culture and development social and economic.

Sustainable growth, respect for the environment, technologies and community prosperity will in fact be at the center of the program of the new Club which, despite the recent constitution, has already demonstrated its industriousness by presenting its first service with a project in favor of children last September. an interactive book to explain Covid to children, copies of which have been donated to ABEO.

This generative spirit that characterizes the Club's actions is the result of the enthusiasm of all the members to promote beauty, growth and ultimately happiness in all its social and economic forms in our area.

Tiziana Origano - Club Editor